Identity & Business cards

Logo and business card for Caroline Poisson, who is a videographer working in Liège. View project

I tried to play around with the name of Caroline, which means "Fish", considering her great personality and style, I try to make a logo that suits her universe.
Check her website here

Concept, design
& print

Graphic communication for KINO Liège

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In January 1999 in Montreal, twenty young film fans have launched a challenge: all will produce one film a month before the big bug 2000. Kino movement was born.

Today, 14 years after its inception, the movement has become international and surprisingly found Kino 50 cells in 28 different countries and on the 5 continents.

KINO movement is synonymous of independent and free production, whose motto is: "Do well with nothing, do better with little but do it now!"

Packaging & print

For this project, I try to work graphic design like a stylist would have approached it, using wire like line, the layout like a fabric pattern.

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It was really fun to create the perfect chritmas gift for faithfull customers of Ann Demeulemeester.

The box contain items that wake up the five senses : a cd of Patti Smith for the hearing, (she's the muse of Ann Demeulemeester), a set of cards regrouping the 17 creations exposed at Hyères when she was part of the jury, hand printed with monotype technique (unique impression each time) for the sight, a box of tea (her favourite drink) for taste, an origami hydrangea, fulfield with incense paper for the sens of smell and the folded poster for the touch, by manipulating it.

& Business cards

Business cards, logo, layout and menu for Fragrances, a nice tea and coffee shop in Liege. View project

What strike you when you come into Fragrances is this impression that Jehanne (the owner) has travel like, a lot. Tea boxes on the walls, cosy atmosphere with a smell of coffee and tea that is really comforting at the end of the day. I choose to take pictures of her products, to show the beauty and natural quality of her products.


Web project for Fragrances, a coffee and tea shop.View project

Fragrances is a really nice tea/coffee shop in Liege, which is currently extending its activities on internet by offering to buy products online.


Page layout for Victoire magazine, a feminine supplement of Le Soir newspaper. View project

I wanted to show the women's adaptability to adjust their disponibilities, managing to be a mother, an active worker, a friend and a wife, all in one.

To do so, I choose to base my grid on an actual tangram puzzle, creating interesting shapes and dynamics while working on the visual comfort. (working on the typographic tone)


Layout for the Mosquito, a concert supplement to the magazine Moustique.View project

The goal was to redesign the layout of the whole magazine Moustique. (this is a project I work on during my internship at Debie, a really good liegeoise graphic agency.)


Cards for an ostheopathe.View project

Ostheopathy is about reorganizing the flux of the body to make it work properly again. The infinite symbole was perfect for this project, the name was like made for it it goes ! (I worked on this project during my internship at great Debie studio, in Liege.)


Design of a logotype for the international exposition of 2017 for the city of Liege. View project

The aim here was to show the human constructions in harmony with natural elements. I work on this project during my internship at Debie, a great graphic agency in Liege.


Redesign of the logo Gesval.View project

For this project, the aim was to redesign the actual logo Gesval to harmonize its image with the logo Interface (interface entreprise-ULG)

The original logo was composed of two commas on some sort of barcode in one dimension, bleu and red. I choose to adapt it with the colors of the Interface logo + add a clean 3D effect. (I work on this project during my internship at Debie, a great graphic agency in Liege.)


Flyers for Yasmina Coiffure.View project

Creation of flyer for a mobile hairdresser + business cards


Poster for a play, la dame aux camelias at le Rideau theater in Bruxelles.View project

For this project, the aim was to share the emotions behind the story, the passion, the sadness, the loss.

& Branding

Logo and headings for Green Line Food, a green company who delivers lunches and bread.View project

I enjoyed working on this project a lot, making handmade typography and doing researches arround the whole identity.


Drypoint and linocut prints.View project

I wanna tell you a tale...Once upon a time, there was a princess, has been cursed by a sorcerer. And there was a lonely prince, looking for the one he will truly fall in love with.

I choose to work around the Swans Lake opera, playing with black and white contrast to tell the story.


Illustration book based on a song of Bobby Lapointe, Madame Mado.View project

It was really fun working with all the game words of Bobby Lapointe.


Web project for Euroscript, a translation service company.View project

I enjoy a lot working on a more corporate image. The aim here was to refresh the actual image and add a couples of features. Sadly, this project didn't succeeded.


Wedding invitation View project

I had the pleasure to design the invitation of Aurélie and François's wedding, they had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and I'm really happy with the result we achieve by working together.


Website for Jupilates View project

I designed this website for Jupilates, new pilates courses in Liege. I took the pictures for the background and created headers for the facebook page.

You can see the website at this address :


Birth announcement cards.View project

Maxime is gonna have a little brother ! For sure, he is super happy about it...Or is he ? :)


Brand identity for Rutabaga, an non-profit organization.View project

Rutabaga is a non profit organization, offering gym classes, healthy cooking classes and a day care service.


Lovely vegetables seriesView project

I had a lot of fun when I designed these cute veggie's portraits ! I wanted to offer a fun and healthy way to promote vegetables, while decorating a nursery or just a kitchen. I made two series : Lovely Vegetables and...Lovely Fruits ! (let's be crazy original) You can find theses (and some more) here :


Packaging for D. Loïcq Photography.View project

Cd packaging and gift cards for David Loïcq

Hexagonally shaped cd packaging. I choose this shape as a reference to the obturator of a camera, considering my client is a photographer. I also made gift cards with a birdy getting out of his box. (if you can watch the birdy, why couldn't you offer it too ? :) ))